1. S

    OCS vs. COMT cert/FAAOMPT

    Dear Readers! I’m a third year SPT and would like to seek advice on the two options listed above. As I enter my final year of PT school, I’m wanting to really sit down and weigh my options in the ortho/manual field since I’ll be walking on that stage in no time. Can someone with experience in...
  2. R

    Looking to pursue an OCS Residency

    Hi, I'm looking to pursue an orthopedic PT residency upon graduation. I'm currently a 3rd year PT student and graduate in December. First, would you recommend applying to schools before graduation or does that make you less competitive, or should I begin applying to schools before I graduate...
  3. J

    Orthopedics: Residency vs. Specialization?

    Hey everyone, As I'm making my way through my DPT program at University of St. Augustine, I'm contemplating what my career plans will be post-graduation. I know that I will definitely want to do Orthopedic PT, and my ultimate goal is to reach a level of competence and experience that will make...
  4. ReviewR

    OCS/OTS dates for HPSP

    Just called to get information about the OTS dates for Air Force applicants, as I couldn't find the information easily. If anyone knows the dates for Army/Navy, I am sure others would appreciate it. Air Force OTS for HPSP and USUHS students is Class 1605 and will take place on June 27 - July...