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    Grades in Optometry School- please give honest feedback

    I’m a second year opto student and was wondering how relevant my grades and GPA are if I want a job after scho ( not considering residency) I started off decent with a 3.5 GPA but as time went on, I currently have a 2.9 GPA. I feel pretty inadequate in school, and have even gone as far as...
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    is optometrist still a good profession?

    My name is sonali. I am thinking about optometrist as a career. I recently gave OAT exam and my score is 320 and my gpa is 3.6. i have applied at Oklahoma, Michigan, california and north Carolina. I wanted to know that how is optometrist as a career because while doing my research I came...
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    Women - ODS

    Hi, I'm going to Navy ODS soon and had an awkward question. Do women have time/are they allowed to shave at ODS? More specifically, I get awkward dark hairs on my chin and neck that I can easily shave off each day, but if I don't, they're noticable. Will I be able to quickly shave these off in...