omfs externship

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    Hands-on OMFS externship

    Hello! I am a third year dental student looking for hands on externship opportunities. I know that many programs have shifted to hands off since covid started, but I know there are some still out there. Any input would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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    OMFS Externship Application

    I am starting my D3 year and am putting together an application to extern at a few programs, but something that I have seen on several school's websites was that they want you to provide them with a letter of intent. In my experience letters of intent are usually reserved for your first-choice...
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    OMFS externships

    I am currently a dental student trying to build my application with externships. There are no formal externship programs in my country, but I am getting in touch with my university OMFS professor and asking him if I can shadow him. Will this count as an externship? I am trying to do this during...