omfs interviews

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    OMFS Externship Application

    I am starting my D3 year and am putting together an application to extern at a few programs, but something that I have seen on several school's websites was that they want you to provide them with a letter of intent. In my experience letters of intent are usually reserved for your first-choice...
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    OMFS employment opportunity in IL

    This letter is on behalf of Dr. Frederick Gustave, D.D.S., P.C., Carbondale, IL. We are reaching out to you to extend the invitation to all graduating residents to consider our practice as one of their top options for an employment opportunity. Dr. Frederick Gustave, D.D.S., P.C., is a...
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    Advice needed-GP applying to omfs internship

    Hey everyone, I graduated DS in 2016. Was on track for omfs. Long story short, an urgent and very difficult family matter that began during D3 ultimately brought me home for two years following graduation. Worked as a GP—love my patients, but obviously don’t love the work. It allowed me to be...
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    ***Official*** OMS 2018 Interviews

    Welcome to this years interview listing for the OMFS entering class of 2018. Please post when you receive an interview (email/phone/etc), institution, and dates provided. Good luck to everyone!