online biochem

  1. S

    How do med schools check if your course was online? One of my pre-reqs is online (Biochem)

    So unfortunately, I have already submitted a couple secondary applications before reading that these schools DO NOT accept online courses for pre-requisites (University of Miami Miller and John's Hopkins). All but one of my pre-reqs have been satisfied through AP or through in-person...
  2. P

    University of New England Online Courses

    Hi guys - I am taking a couple of online classes at UNE. I am taking Biochem and Orgo II Lab. Can someone who has taken these courses help answer some questions? 1. Do I need to buy the text books with the access codes? Or can I just rent them off amazon? 2. Did you guys do all of the assigned...
  3. fernweh2438

    UC San Diego Extension Online Biochem??

    Ok there are way too many posts about online biochem courses, but I have yet to see anything about UCSD. I am trying to find a good online course and have not liked the reviews for UNE or UCB. Plus biochem at UCSD is only $550 which is far cheaper than I have seen anywhere else. So has anyone...