optometry interviews

  1. FutureOptometrist01


    Hey, everybody! Currently a pre-optometry student with two virtual interviews coming up. One is open and the other is closed file. Would love any tips/advice for how to best prepare! Thank you!
  2. A

    Salus University - PCO Interview Day

    Hello! I recently had my interview at Salus and received my acceptance the following day - wohooo!! :clap: The interview is super chill and relaxed. The day starts at 10am with a group presentation from the dean which lasts about an hour, she goes over everything Salus has to offer and it...
  3. O

    How long did you wait to hear back from an interview?

    Hey guys, about how long did you wait to hear back after you had your interview? Specifically UHCO but other programs as well
  4. E

    Asking for Second Interview

    I had an interview at my first choice optometry school and was waitlisted to a non-ranked wait list.. The interview could not have gone worse. I knew going into the interview my OAT score was low but my GPA was a 3.78. I was prepared to answer a few questions about the low OAT but I was...
  5. I

    Optometry Interviews SUNY and Salus

    Good luck to everyone!