Nov 19, 2018

I recently had my interview at Salus and received my acceptance the following day - wohooo!! :clap:

The interview is super chill and relaxed. The day starts at 10am with a group presentation from the dean which lasts about an hour, she goes over everything Salus has to offer and it gives you an opportunity to learn about the school and to ask questions.

Afterwards, you are taken to individual rooms for your one-on-one interview. It is open file, they first ask you some general questions: Tell me about yourself? Why Optometry? Why Salus? What qualities should a leader have? Someone you admire/your inspiration? Any challenges you faced? The last question is a scenario, they let you read it first, then the interviewer reads it to you, it is a situation and you let them know what you would do. All of these are conversational, it does not feel intimidating.

The admissions person then goes over your file asks about any low grades and OAT, but are really understanding and are just trying to get a reason behind it. They also look for upward trends, so if you did bad during your freshmen year do not worry, as long as your grades improved and you show that you learned from that experience, you are good. If you had a low OAT score in a section, just give your reasoning, again everyone there is super nice! Then, it is your chance to ask questions, make sure you read about salus and have 2-3 questions prepared. This shows that you are truly interested in that school. I really liked this interview because it was two-ways, them getting to know you and they really focus on YOU to learn about their campus and services.

After the individual interview, you are taken for a campus tour and The Eye Institute. The tour guide shows you around, again ask questions and be engaging. During lunch, you meet another student and they show you around more. The day concludes at 2:30/3:00pm.

You spend about 5 hours on campus and the actual interview time is about 30 mins, which is conversational and easy.

Good luck to everyone!

If you have any questions about the interview process at Salus, let me know!
Oct 1, 2018
  1. Optometry Student
How did you feel about the school and the faculty/staff? The general atmosphere of the college I suppose
Nov 19, 2018
How did you feel about the school and the faculty/staff? The general atmosphere of the college I suppose

Everyone was nice and welcoming, I spoke with some students and they really like the faculty/staff. Salus has made a lot of improvements in terms of their curriculum and then some major renovations on campus such as library and clinic. The general atmosphere was chill, I did not find students complaining about the coursework or the faculty.
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