oral pathology

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    Mnemonics for Erythema Multiforme, Frey's Syndrome,Aneurysmal bone cyst, Ameloblastoma

  2. M

    Mnemonic for McCune Albright Syndrome, Peutz Jegher Syndrome

    McCune-Albright Syndrome Clinical Signs and Symptoms a. Café au lait pigmentation: unilateral, well-defined, tanned macules with irregular margins on the trunk and thighs. May also be present on the oral mucosa. Mr. McCune Albright (a business man) drinks café au lait (oral mucosa) but he...
  3. M

    Some Mnemonics for Paget's, Scleroderma, CREST

    Hi! I hope you are having a great day :) I have created those mnemonics in preparation for NBDE Hope it helps!, oh, and please do leave me your feedback. Thanks :)
  4. Hashimoto93

    Oral Radiology principles and interpretation

    There's a Test bank for this book.. does any one have it? I would really appreciate it if anyone can send it to me via email. I really really need that book and I can't buy it online.
  5. DentistryInMyFuture

    Advice Needed: Dental or Medical School?

    So heres my dilema. I can honestly say I love both Medicine and Dentistry. I have been actively working on my Dental School application for the application process this June and thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do (General Dentistry but do alittle bit of everything: fillings, crowns...