1. germindian123

    Rochester Perio Program !!

    Hello guys! I was wondering if anyone had any info on Eastman Oral Health Rochester Perio program. I know the director is Dr. Caton. I asked the perio chair at my school and he said he did not know as much about the program. Please PM me if you have any current info! Thank you!
  2. S

    ABA oral board exam 2018

    Looking for MOCK oral practicing partners for the October exam. Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks.
  3. V

    Research for OMFS

    Hi, Is there is a specific kind of research you'd recommend pursuing for a future in OMFS?
  4. pikaboo

    Oral radiology

    Hey guys, my college has a very tough oral radiology course and I want to know what is the best textbook for oral radiology?
  5. F

    Free (Giving away) $100 discount on Pass Machine

    $100 discount code on Pass Machine for boards prep for many, many specialities until end of July 2017. You can still use this code after July but it will only be $50 off. See here for a full list: https://www.thepassmachine.com/# My referral/discount code: AMB54953 Feel free to message me if...
  6. N


    Hello, I took the DAT recently in September Orgo: 19 chem: 22 BIO: 15 ( I know..i know... :( ) PAT: 15 (I know.... :( ) Math: 16 Reading: 18 AA: 18 Science Average: 17 GPA: 3.3 i understand these scores arent that well off, and that i do need to take the DAT again. i am currently studying...