organic lab

  1. D

    Help with scheduling and mcat

    Hello, I'm planning for my spring classes, but I'm in kind of a dilemma. This is my schedule for Spring 2019 semester before I take the mcat: Spring Semester Spanish organic lab physics II Biochemistry genetics Research I want to take a lighter load to study for the mcat (13 credits), but I...
  2. T

    Organic II Lab Online?

    Hello everyone! I am planning on applying for the 2018-2019 cycle, but I had a quick question that I need some opinions about. i have completed organic 1 and 2 and organic 1 lab at my university, but not organic 2 lab. My degree plan requires it, but the medical schools that I am applying to...
  3. BeerHelpsMeStudy

    Question on Interviews

    I have been lucky enough to receive several interviews this cycle. I am excited to share more about myself, but I am also nervous about addressing some issues with my application. I didn't have the highest undergrad GPA ~3.7, but had an upward trend (which I referenced in supplemental essays as...
  4. scaredhamstermeme

    TA is a Harsh Grader?

    I'm a sophomore pre-med (just decided on the pre-med track.) My GPA's at a 3.6 right now bc I was pretty bad with time management last year, so I've been hoping to bump it up this semester. But I'm really worried about my O Chem lab grade. My TA is a really harsh grader. At first, I didn't...
  5. H

    How much ochem lab do I actually need for med school?

    I go to a school that's on the quarter system. This fall I went abroad and took three quarters worth of the organic chemistry lectures (a year of organic chemistry lecture) and one quarter of the corresponding lab. I am currently completing the second quarter of the corresponding lab. Had I not...