1. S

    How to write successful applications for student organizations

    I am curious what student organizations are looking for in applications and interviews. I know that these are often run by other students so I thought it'd be wise to ask other pre-medical UGs who may be involved in these orgs. I didn't have much success my first time applying. In hindsight, I...
  2. S

    Medical School Film Series

    Hi everyone, I'm preparing to enter medical school here at the University of Oklahoma in the fall, and couldn't be more excited about it. I know it's my #1 job to keep up with the material every day and never let that slip, but I've been giving serious thought to the possibility of bringing a...
  3. Sweet_Tooth

    Joining Student Organizations in Undergrad

    Hello everyone, I tried to search for a thread on this but couldn't find one, so apologies if this has already been asked before. I was wondering whether it is beneficial to join student organizations in undergrad ie would it help one gain admission into dental school? Currently I'm a member of...
  4. AlphaBeta<3

    National Research Orgs?

    I know that there are premed honor societies and things of that nature. What I'm wondering is, are there any national organizations based solely on research and providing research experiences for undergrads? Like as a student org?