1. Perchperkins

    Had a terrible semester as a 2nd year premed student - I feel kinda discouraged :/

    I doubt anyone's really going to want to read a sappy pre-med student talk about their grades, but feel free to stick around if you'd like. My first and second semesters of college I did quite well. I had A's, I was on campus and I was doing extracurriculars and what not. Since COVID hit and...
  2. W

    Let's Have Fun With This: Decompress Time

    Dental school is hard and will physically and mentally challenge every student. I am particularly curious on how your dental school helps students decompress from the grind of didactic and clinical courses. Please list your school and what fun things they host that helps you get by the stress...
  3. mOlar1!

    DAT advice/prep/orgo and PAT help please

    okay so i have a month and a half left and orgo is killing me. Orgo has always been my weakest point. I took kaplan online class and did those problems which didn't seem crazy. then i did chad's which helped me a lot since it basically re taught me orgo. I strated practicing on bootcamp. HOWEVER...