1. N

    How does UCSF SOD Drug Test their students?

    Hey Everyone, Sorry if this is a dumb question but I cant seem to find a definitive answer anywhere. I was recently admitted to the UCSF SOD and was wondering if we had to perform a drug screening through a third party company like Certphi as part of a background check before arriving? Or...
  2. Dr.Hancock

    Graduating in June

    So I'm graduating in the middle of June, specifically June 16th. When was your first official start date of residency, when you had to submit your medical school diploma and transcripts and all that document. Just wondering if my program starts early before I physically have my degree in hand...
  3. CavsFan2016

    Vaccinations before matriculation?

    sooo I have heard virtually nothing from my school about any vaccinations or physicals that need to be completed prior to orientation in 3 weeks. Does anyone have any idea what the standard protocol is for this?
  4. 6

    USC Orientation fall 2016

    Hey all, Got accepted and raring to go to USC for pharm school. Planning a vacation in August. I was wondering if the pharm school has an orientation and when that would be. The website says classes start on 08/22 but there are not dates for orientation or white coat
  5. M

    Uniformed Services University Summer Training Camp

    When did your summer training camp start/end before you started orientation at USUHS? Please include service branch and year.