osteopathic general surgery

  1. lialalala

    Become a DO surgeon

    I am interested in cardiothoracic / pediatric surgeons, which would start with general surgery residencies. I saw many threads saying DO have to work "harder" to be in ortho or dermatology. But I haven't seen comments about my fields of interest. I know nothing is impossible, but how hard is it...
  2. ZohanKhan

    Osteopath interested in General Surgery

    I am a first year D.O student currently interested in General Surgery. I understand that Gen-Surge is a competitive specialty, and perhaps even more challenging for an osteopath to match into. Does anyone know (or is anyone) a D.O that matched into surgery and can offer advice on how to study...
  3. M

    Competitive enough for ACGME or stick with AOA GS Programs? (DO Student)

    Hey everyone, I'm halfway done with OMS3 and have always wanted to go into general surgery. These are my stats: COMLEX 1: 551, Step 1: 232 GPA 4.0 (including all of my clinicals so far) top 5% of my class and member of sigma sigma phi honors society A's on all of my shelf exams so far no...
  4. C

    Conemaugh general surgery residency

    DO student here. Can anyone comment on the quality of Conemaugh Memorial's General surgery residency? Also wondering if my chances of getting in will be lower as applicants must now apply through the ACGME match. Unfortunately my COMLEX score is below avg.