osteopathic schools

  1. G

    TouroCOM-Harlem vs Burrell COM

    I know that these two schools are pretty controversial. Just wanted to get general opinions on the two, and which is better if you had to pick between them. Thank you in advance :) PS I only attended an interview for TCOM, and my experience wasn't that bad!
  2. V

    MD & DO Doubting My Chances..

    I'm going to make this as short as possible. Starting to have the unsure feeling in my gut of my future in medicine. 100% okay with DO schools at this point. Applying the 2019 cycle EARLY. Here is my resume: GPA: cGPA: 3.55 - sGPA: 3.23 (=/) - MCAT: 505 Shadowing: 150 hours ER (DO & MD), 25...
  3. Poodles29

    Do I still have a chance?

    A couple years ago I was dismissed from my university for poor grades My GPA at that time was 0.96 I retook a few courses and came back to the University after spending a few semesters at community college. But I'm still struggling to keep up my grades. I've posted a copy of my grades and they...
  4. T

    Tourocom vs RVCOM masters!?!

    I'm interested in doing a 1 yr masters program and just wanted your feedback on which in your opinion is better. I'm currently looking at Tourocom and Rocky vista. I'm mostly interested in these two because they don't require you to retake the mcat. (However, feel free to suggest any other...
  5. F

    NSU vs KCU

    I am fortunate enough to shortlist my acceptances to NSU and KCU, but am having a hard time deciding between the two. Please give me your humble opinions. THANKS! - Being a Cali resident, I would love to eventually rotate and practice in Cali - I am leaning towards Internal Med Subspecialties...