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    TouroCOM - NY Thread 2018-2019

    I read a lot of threads from previous years but failed to find one from this application cycle. If there is one out there that I haven't seen, I apologize. Anyways, after reading the ones from previous years I was curious about what the currently applicants are thinking about TouroCOM this year...
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    Low Undergrad GPA- Any Suggestion Please

    Hi, I am a recently graduating senior with biology in UC school. I have a very low gpa- culmulative: 3.02/ science: 2.98 right now. So I am thinking about re-taking the major science classes like Biochemistry or Genetics with C+ or lower in Community College. But would that necessarily make my...
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    Pre-req after graduating

    I want to apply to DO schools and found out some required behavioral science courses. I took intro to psychology as a freshman but this only suffices for 3 credit hours and some needed 6 credit hours. I already graduated with my biochemistry degree. Can I take the necessary pre-req course from...
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    DACA Applicants

    Any DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) applying in the 2017 cycle? I know there's a lot of difficulty with being DACA so please avoid posting discouraging things because I know what's at risk with admissions, $$, etc.... been through it and aware what's to come. Thanks. Just want to...
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    Applying to medical school senior year

    I was planning on applying to medical school in between my junior and senior year of college. But I realized I wasn't going to finish my pre requirements on time. So I'm waiting till senior year to apply. I know I may need to stay one more semester after my senior year bc I started my major...