1. Punished Angeleno

    USC School of Dentistry Class of 2025 Interview/Acceptance Thread

    Last year's thread: *** The Official USC School of Dentistry Class of 2024 Interview/Acceptance Thread *** Hey, everyone. You can post your questions and updates here. Class of 2023 Statistics overall GPA: 3.59 science GPA: 3.51 DAT (AA/TS/PAT): 19.9/19.7/20.1 Class Size: 144 Class of 2024...
  2. C

    Question about USC's Prerequisites

    I'm a pre-dental student here at CSULB and I plan on applying to USC's Ostrow School of Dentistry in the near future. One of the required prerequisites is 1 year of General Biology but my school offers only 1 semester of General Biology. I contacted their admissions office and they advised that...
  3. wensleydale

    DH/DDS Pathway 2016-2017 Cycle

    How did interviews go today everyone? It was great talking to you all! You all seem like an upstanding group of people :)