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    Other OT-Related Information Rutgers OTA Program Interviewing Process

    Hi! I recently applied to the Rutgers Occupational therapy assistant program and I was called back for an interview and group activity. I was wondering if anyone has any advice as to what questions to prepare for? Or how to prepare for a group activity? Any advice from Rutgers students or any...
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    Other OT-Related Information Research Survey: OT/OTA Student Learning in Medication Self-Management

    Hello all, I'd really appreciate if you could fill out this quick 5 minute survey!! Please share with other OT/OTA students as well :) Dear OT/OTA students, Did you know more than 50% of people do not take medications as prescribed? This has compromised the optimal health outcome. Be a part...
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    General Admissions & OTCAS 2018 Applications

    I am trying to decide if it is worth it for me to apply to either an MSOT or OTA program this summer or just take the gap year. I have been getting very mixed opinions on if it is worth it to apply now. Here are my stats: -I will have 100 hours of observation (30 hours in peds private practice...
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    Other OT-Related Information Older Hopeful Student: Confused and Questioning!

    Hi, all! I'm 40 and never graduated college. When I was 17-20 I dabbled and half arsed some community college. Didn't get many credits and had a terrible gpa. I'm without skills, without a degree and just now coming to the realization that I'm not a kid and don't "have plenty of time" to...
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    Other OT-Related Information License & expunged misdemeanor case

    I want to apply to become a occupational therapy assistant. But I am worried about the background check the state does when I apply for a license. Some background about me: I was a honors student (took engineering, computers, health, related courses) who graduated high school at age 16 and...