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    Other OT-Related Information Passing the NBCOT Exam...

    Here was my 3 month plan... (it worked.. I passed :) ) Items: NBCOT practice tests OT Miri Videos (free - her site and youtube) TherapyED otstudyguide.com Study Guide. Class notes Month 1: Start TherapyED training Review Videos (OT Miri) do 2 a day.. Make Flashcards from otstudyguide.com...
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    General Admissions & OTCAS HELP!!!: Chances of Getting in OT School

    Okay... I am having so much anxiety about applying to OT school. I am looking for people to give me more insight on my chances of actually getting in. I submitted my application Monday and I am growing increasingly anxious!!!! - Student at Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University...
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    Employment & Professional Networking Any OTs working in NYC?

    I'll be completing my final Level II fieldwork in NYC and I'm considering sticking around the area afterwards. I was wondering if anyone has insight on the OT landscape in the city. How are job prospects? Is compensation decent enough to make up for the high cost of living?
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    Employment & Professional Networking New Grad OTR in Virginia/DC

    Hi! I'm a new grad OTR (just graduated in December and passed boards in February!). I'm a Texan about to relocate to DC/Virginia area. I'm very nervous because I'm pretty knowledgeable about all of big hospitals/facilities in Texas, but I know absolutely nothing about the DC/Virginia area. The...