1. M

    Attire in Clerkships/Rotations

    I am a very poor outfit selector. I needed help from many people to finally dress properly and match my clothes. I am confused about what shoes to wear in rotations. Should I wear comfortable running shoes with my dress shirt and pants? People say to wear something comfortable, but what about...
  2. Sweet_Tooth

    Dressing for interview--female with religious dress code

    After getting most of my apps verified and submitted the next thing on my mind has been preparing for potential interviews, particularly, dressing for interviews (If I am lucky enough to get invited to any...) As a female Muslim who covers her hair and wears conservative (loose, non skin...
  3. S

    Is Dark Purple Professional?

    I'm nowhere near close to the time when I will be interviewed for medical school, but I will definitely be other events in between that will require professional outfits. I have a grape colored suit. It's a hand-me-down from my mom that's in very good condition. The best colors to wear seem to...
  4. W

    Other OT-Related Information What to Wear to Volunteer?

    Hey guys! I am an undergrad who is going to start volunteering at Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago soon (WOOO!!!!!) and they recently got rid of the scrubs they had for volunteers to wear for a short time. We are now required to wear "buisness casual" (no jeans, leggings, athletic pants) but...