1. J

    Out of State vs. California Pharm School

    What would be a better pick if you had to choose, out of state school or stay in Cali? I am having a hard decision picking one considering which school would give me the best opportunity to network and land a job in Cali (eventually) and residency.
  2. E

    Late in considering medicine, is it possible?

    I am a graduating senior in college and have made the spontaneous but strong decision that I want to go into medicine. (You know how when you flip a coin, you figure out what you actually want by how you feel when its in the air? It was like that. I was/am trying to apply for public health...
  3. DBee88

    Employment & Professional Networking Which OT programs allow for work in every state?

    Hello All! Long time lurker, first time poster :) I'm considering many schools here in California (Currently living in the East Bay , CA.) While I am surrounded by Dominican U,SJSU and Samuel Merritt, I was wondering if any other programs in different states (Colorado U,Columbia University...
  4. NescacPremed

    Out of State, State U Med School?

    I really want to go to a State University medical school in a different state. For example, I really like the University of Washington medical school in Seattle. I know that they have quotas for people who live in the Pacific Northwest. They rarely accept people who do not live in the Pacific...