1. LugubriousAlchemist

    Post-bacc game plan critique - Active Duty overseas

    Hello all, I am an Active Duty Air Force Officer that, due to stats, need to reinvent himself. Currently have a 3.1 cGPA, 2.8 sGPA. The problem though is that I am currently stationed in Germany, and the in-person options available for classes from my searches are lacking in the science...
  2. SpecialistMD

    Specialist OTD trying to work in private- Australia

    Hi, I'm an overseas trained specialist, holding a limited registration for postgraduate or supervised training (specialist recognition) from the AHPRA. They have limited my areas of work as per my contract and my employer is in private sector. After relocating to Australia with my family, my...
  3. T

    Partook in overseas volunteering as a naive sophomore, do I include?

    I volunteered overseas as sophomore, and I actually think the experience was very beneficial. We did not partake in any medical procedures, instead we helped set up medical clinics and did other tasks such as helping the on-site pharmacist organize drugs and run a tooth-brushing station for...
  4. Μοlar Βear

    Military dentist 2017/2018 questions from a D1 student

    Hello all. I know things can differ per branch, but I was curious about some questions I thought would be useful in an up to date thread. I'd love (right out of school) to work for a year or two overseas. Specifically, I'd like to work anywhere in Japan (couple good experiences in the country)...
  5. S

    MD & DO Plastics Program Reviews

    Hi all, can anyone recommend which Integrated Plastics residency programs might be good for students interested in Global surgery, mission trips and research overseas? Thanks in advance!
  6. Rickie825

    Wife and career

    Hi. My name is Rickie. I have an issue, a little personal, and wanted some advice. Let me give you some background. I was born in Illinois. I wanted to study PT or PTA but settled for masaage therapy. I met my wife in Asia and fell in love. I tried to get her to the U.S. but she got denied...
  7. LIC2015

    Idea for Personal Statement a turn-off for adcomms?

    Background: I did a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to purchase an ultrasound machine for a hospital I volunteered at in Tanzania. It took eighteen months, but it worked: $8K and a new ultrasound. I'm thinking of introducing this as the first part of my PS in a...