1. S

    Oxford Master's before Medical School

    So I recently received some good news about having been accept to Oxford for a master's in social policy, but the only thing holding me back is the cost, which I estimate to be around $40k in loans when I already have loans from undergrad. Some background about me is that I currently attend an...
  2. sat0ri

    NIH OxCam--Does GRE vs MCAT matter?

    The NIH OxCam page states that GRE OR MCAT is required--but is there any preference? I will not be able to take the MCAT in time for the application so I will have to take the GRE, and so I'm curious if this is looked down upon at all. I will be applying track 3 (i.e., doing the full PhD at...
  3. sat0ri

    NIH OxCam Program, Track 3--Do MSTP schools dislike this?

    Based on the figure below, I'm curious if the track 3 NIH MD/PhD pathway might but you at a disadvantage when applying to dual MD-PhD programs? My reasoning is that, if you spent your PhD somewhere else, what incentive is there for the med school to pay for your tuition if you will not be...
  4. N

    Interviewing for MD/PhD while abroad on Rhodes/Marshall/Gates?

    Hi all, I just graduated after three years at my undergrad institution, and am starting a year of public health research with the Fulbright. I am not applying for this MD/PhD cycle, meaning that I'll have a year after my Fulbright to work on something. I really want to apply for the British...
  5. Y


    I am an American citizen and have lived in the US my whole life. However, I am really interested in Oxford University. It looks like they actually have a pre-med course, something that is almost unseen in US universities. What I'm asking is that if as a US citizen I receive my medical degree...
  6. R

    Masters Global Health In the UK?

    Hi, I am a third year student in biology/international affairs student at a top 50 university in the US. I am interested in doing a global health degree abroad and was looking at masters programs at Imperial College London, University College London, LSHTM, and Oxford. I was wondering how much...