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    Mental Health ruined my chances?

    I was in the psych hospital this week due to a bad reaction to my antidepressants. Because of this I am planning on applying for a partial medical withdrawal, potentially I may have to do a full medical withdrawal to preserve my scholarship. Can I still become a doctor after this? SOS
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    Pan!c at the office

    I’ve just completed my first week at a dental office post grad, and I hate it. The office that hired me stated I would have a mentor and I would be helping to handle their huge population of new patients. When I arrive for my first day I come in to an ornery Dr. who states he “ doesn’t know why...
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    Formal Post Bac vs. DIY

    Hello everyone, I know there have been a few posts about this, but nothing has really struck me yet so I thought why not just post my own situation. I recently got accepted into the post-bacc program at Wash U, but do not know if it is worth the money. They want me to take 30 credit hours. I...
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    Another WAMC, because PANIC!

    I usually don't post on here, but my school just contacted me and said, with the number of interviews I have, I need to start thinking of my options. D: I have gotten 4 interviews so far (out of 39 applied to. I know it's sort of low, but my SO needs to be able to have a job wherever we move...
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    tanking mcat scores

    I finished studying all of the new TBR books (70% or higher on ALL passages in ALL books), and it took me about two and a half months. When I took a diagnostic TBR, I scored a 130. However, when I took Kaplan diagnostic and TPR diagnostic, I consistently scored no higher than 500. I just took an...
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    2.47 GPA graduate with no direction. Panicking!!

    Ok guys so I'm either going to get laughed at or bashed because I graduated recently with a 2.47 gpa as a health science major. I have not taken organic chem 1 or 2, gen bio2 or biochem, yet. Got a D in biology 1 and got an F in the lab. I say this because I want to be a doctor badly. Used all...