Mar 20, 2018
Hello everyone,

I know there have been a few posts about this, but nothing has really struck me yet so I thought why not just post my own situation.

I recently got accepted into the post-bacc program at Wash U, but do not know if it is worth the money. They want me to take 30 credit hours. I am okay with a two year gap period, but am unsure what route to take. I also know this should not effect my decision, but to make matters worse my long time significant other got waitlisted at Wash U law so I don't know if we'll be together. It also looks like he's putting his deposit down at Iowa. Now I don't know if I should just take classes on my own, do clinical work, and intensively study for my MCAT.

I applied because my parents kind of forced me too, even though I knew I wasn't a competitive applicant. I applied only to my state school and got rejected. I've talked to the admissions counselors already, but still am unsure about my decision of action. They told me if I did more clinical hours and upped my MCAT I could possible be okay. However, I want the strongest application possible.

Anyways, my scores:

Bio major/ French minor
cGPA: 3.55
sGPA: 3.25 (with calculating math classes I took at other Universities during the summer)
MCAT: 4.95 (yes I know I sucked)

I shot myself in the foot and did not study hard for the MCAT the first time, so I know I need at least a practice of 508 before I retake again.

So the question comes down to, do I go to Wash U or just do DIY/ do I have a shot again?
I had four C's: gen chem I, bio I (C+), Orgo 1 & 2
And from what I've seen I should not retake, but I've had an upward trend except my snafu with genetics last semester when I had an awful professor and had to withdraw.

Thank you all!
Feb 8, 2018
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Do you think you'll be competitive enough to get into one of their linkages? If so, I would do the post-bacc. If not, then you might as well go to Iowa and do a DIY or post-bacc there because it doesn't really matter where you do a post-bacc/SMP if you're not depending on the linkages.

BUT, don't give up your spot at Wash U yet. Waitlists do move and he might end up at Wash U. I knew someone who had a soon-to-be classmate at law school who kept his waitlist spot at Harvard. They were a couple days away from their orientation when Harvard called the guy to say he was accepted off the waitlist so he went.
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Sep 29, 2011
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Strongly recommend you go to a school with a guaranteed linkage if you meet certain requirements. Temple has one. I know people at my institution who spent >50K on the postbacc and didn't get into any med schools. It's a sizable financial risk. Also ask how many students link to WashU from their postbacc. Consider that EVERYONE in that postbacc will want to get into WashU so it could be just as competitive as applying to the school generally unless they give their own some kind of priority to their students.