1. M

    How to List In-Progress Review Articles?

    I am looking for input on if/how I should be listing an in-progress review article in AMCAS Work and Activities section, writing about it in secondaries, etc. Some info: I am 4th author of 8 I created all the figures, did some editing, and filled in holes wherever more information or further...
  2. S

    1st author paper vs. paper at conference

    How are 1st author (journal) papers and 1st author conference papers (not abstracts) viewed differently by adcoms?
  3. AstroQuest

    If you could please take 1 minute to answer this quick survey for my research paper

    Here's the link to the google forms, should be a quick easy survey :) I appreciate you taking time out of your day to help me with my research! [removed]
  4. derm.doc

    Looking for pre-med or med student interested in dermatology

    Hi, I am a dermatologist in Minneapolis, MN and am looking for a motivated pre-med or med student who wants to write up interesting case reports or small case series. I encounter interesting and unique clinical cases in my daily practice and am happy to mentor a student to write and publish...
  5. M

    Publication or Summer Research Program?

    I am currently in a dilemma... Hoping you guys could help me make a choice: I am currently a sophomore in college. I have applied to various summer undergraduate research programs and am very interested in attending one of these programs if I am accepted. All of the programs are pretty...