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  1. T

    My PASS app is gone?!

    I was checking my pass app today and the whole application is gone. Did this ever happen to any of you guys? I did not even save copy of my apps...
  2. T

    PASS Q: how to add my official NBDE 1/2 scores AND Dental transcripts

    hi guys, I'm applying on PASS for pedo. How do i add my NBDE 1 and 2 scores to the website OR do i send it to the school individually? How do i send my official dental transcripts? Do i contact the school first and have it sent over or does PASS have a request i fill out?
  3. A

    Tufts Advanced standing 2017-2018 admission cycle

    Hi! This thread is for Tufts Advanced standing program 2017-2018 admission cycle. Please everyone who is applying or applied for the 2018 cycle should please post their comments, queries and status updates under this thread. Thank you and good luck!
  4. Lane138

    My ADAT experience

    Took this beast of an exam. The exam is broken up into four parts. You get breaks in between each: Biomedical sciences, Critical thinking/ epidemiology, Dental Sciences, and Ethics+Miscellaneous. There are 200 questions in total, with the majority of the questions falling in the first and...