passed naplex

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  2. sticks_758

    I passed the NAPLEX the 2nd time 2017

    Ok so this is going to be slightly long but hopefully it will help others... So I was a pretty great student in pharmacy school, but I was also the student that would study about 3 days before and do fine. I did the unthinkable: I failed the NAPLEX. It was the worst feeling I have honestly ever...
  3. Expired Pharmacist

    Are practice questions enough for the New Naplex?

    Hi All For people that took Naplex recently, I work full time job plus kids, didn't study since 2012, I bought all the new materials, do you think studying Rx prep quiz bank & all other Q&A books will be enough to pass?? please share your experience if the actual test questions are similar...
  4. D

    Passed the NAPLEX! (Turns out I'm not an idiot)

    Took my NAPLEX last week and found out i passed yesterday! From what i gathered about my experience and many others, everyone feels like they failed in a major way after they take the NAPLEX. And to be honest, if everyone felt fine afterwards, and you didn't, then you'd know theres something...