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    How has your view of dentistry changed over time

    Hi guys, hope all is well. I just wanted to know how you guys viewed dentistry before school, throughout school, and after. How have your views, passion, and liking of the job changed? For the better? For worse? Does the love for the job become even more over time?
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    Medical How to Focus Your Interests for Medical School

    As you all know, applying to med school requires years of dedication. In the midst of fulfilling pre-med requirements and studying for the MCAT, it can be easy to slip into a “check the box” mentality with your extracurriculars for med school. What does checking the boxes look like? Take the...
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    Forced into dental school by parents. In third year. Depressed and lost. Any advice?

    I never actually wanted to be a dentist. When I was young, my Asian parents enforced the importance of getting good grades. They would always get extra help (tutors) for my brothers and I, even when we did not need it. I excelled in my class and consistently got top marks because it made me feel...
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    Advice on whether to transfer or not?

    I have just completed my first year of college and while I have been able to accomplish a lot in terms of making myself an appealing medical school applicant, I can't help but feel like I am missing out on many of the things that other colleges have to offer. I am currently a student in the...