pathology residency

  1. T

    I do not want to do a fellowship - seeking advice

    Hello, I am a (soon to be) PGY2 at an upper-mid tier large academic program (AP/CP). I am an AMG from a reputable medical school. I want to do general, community practice pathology. I do not want to do a fellowship. I entered the field anticipating that I would need to do a fellowship, but...
  2. simplespring

    Forensic Pathology as a future career [Prospects of a US IMG]

    Hello everyone! I am a US international medical student hoping to pursue a career in forensic pathology. I've done extensive research and clinical electives at the forensic department in foreign medical institutions but have yet to do any in the states. After going through all of my hospital...
  3. Docsbc

    IM residency vs Pathology as an IMG?

    Hello everyone, this my 1st post. I am IMG applying for this year residency requiring visa, with creds 253/256/cs 1st attempt, yog 2014 and pathology home country residency from India year 2014-2017. My husband is having home country IM residency with 245/239/cs 1st pass and same yog 2014. So he...
  4. Bionista

    Opportunities for Residency Positions - DO vs MD

    Hi everyone, I am a current medical school applicant and have applied to both MD and DO programs. My goal is to work in pathology, so I am curious on your thoughts for getting residency positions. Is there a difference in how you are looked at if you are a DO versus and MD? Also, how competitive...
  5. R

    Is a fellowship in molecular pathology worth it ??

    will molecular pathology be a feild that is dominated by phd people as they chrage less or people with pathology degree will be preffered in the future .what are the present pay scales comapred to other fellowships in pathology . what do you all think the future would be ? if its a waste in...
  6. D

    Residencies in veterinary anatomic pathology

    Hi all! I'm an upcoming third year vet student very interested in pursuing a residency in anatomic pathology. I am just getting my bearings in terms of how it all works and where I should begin to look and apply in the future. I would love to get an idea of where I'm looking so I can start...
  7. P

    AAPA Grossing Guildlines

    The American Association of Pathologists’ Assistants (AAPA) is pleased to announce the launch of the AAPA Macroscopic Examination Guidelines: Utilization of the CAP Cancer Protocols at the Surgical Gross Bench (Grossing Guidelines) and online publication of the 1st edition. The AAPA...
  8. C

    Need to return for 1 year of additional training

    Hello. I am U.S. citizen who graduated from a U.S. medical school and successfully completed a U.S. ACGME-accredited AP/CP 4-year pathology program. I have been successfully practicing AP/CP pathology for the last ten years. I never passed the ABPath boards during that time. I want to become...
  9. O

    Columbia vs. Penn residency

    I'm applying in Pathology this year (AP/NP), and I'm hoping to get a consensus opinion about the differences between Columbia and Penn, mainly in terms of training style, helpfulness of advising/career planning, and lifestyle, including collegiality of residents, relationship between residents...
  10. futurePathologist

    Is pathology a dying field

    I wanted to be pathologist for many reasons but recently I've heard it is a dying field. Is this is a true? My reasons : -Quit -no pt. -no calls -business?! -technology -less boring