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    Is a fellowship in molecular pathology worth it ??

    will molecular pathology be a feild that is dominated by phd people as they chrage less or people with pathology degree will be preffered in the future .what are the present pay scales comapred to other fellowships in pathology . what do you all think the future would be ? if its a waste in...
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    futher notes of pathology

    I am a board certified pathologist with PHD in molecular biology. despite 3 degrees , 2 doctorates, triple board certifications, 6 medical license, 3 fellowships and US med school grad I could not get a job in 9 years of locums. I do not want someone to end up like me. it is a waste of...
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    Recommend Residetns leave Pathology and get into Internal medicine

    I am a board certified pathologist and I have done forensic work, academic work and private practice. With the cuts in CMS ( i.e. Medicare which finances the house staff) I can only predict that cuts to residents salaries and/or lay offs shall loom on the horizon. Pathology has changes from...