1. A

    Online pathophysiology from UC Berkeley extension

    I am currently enrolled in the online pathophysiology from UC Berkeley extension with Peter Niloufari. Has anyone taken this course? If so how hard was it? I am actually nervous about taking my first exam because it will be timed. Need some guidance. Thank you.
  2. S

    Study Skills and Class Success

    Hi guys. Just completed OMS I and barely got through this year. Needed some advice on how to succeed in the upcoming year where pathophys will be the dominant subject matter. I am personally really slow when it comes to studying which is why I struggled. My routine is as follows: 1...
  3. M

    Why tension pneumothorax in penetrating chest trauma?

    From my understanding tension PTx is due to penetrating trauma or blunt trauma, infx, invasive ventilation, iatrogenic ⇒ a flap like tear in visceral pleura tf as you breathe (diaphram goes down increasing negative intrathoracic pressure) air comes into the plueral cavity but can't go back...
  4. Polycherry

    Pathophysiology of lumen dia in bronchiectasis.

    Robbins says that brochiectasis is where there is destruction of the smoothmuscle and the elastic tissue in the airway. This leads to marked dilation of the bronchi while the smaller bronchioles are progressively obliterated due to fibrosis (bronchiolitis obliterans). What is the pathophys of...
  5. tasar1898

    Cranial Hemorrhages

    Hey , could someone help me classify the various intracranial hemorrhages and their symptoms pathophysiology ?? Please correct if anything is wrong Epidural Hemo --> MMA rupture --> Symptoms due to mass effect Subdural Hemo -->Bridging veins rupture --> Symptoms due to mass effect...
  6. W

    A pathophysiology wiki-like website site by a doctor?

    I found a pathophysiology website written by a doctor for most common diseases and the website was like a wiki-website. He's also published a few very short books that I've seen on Amazon. But I can't recall the name or link of the website so I'm asking if anyone's come across the website. The...