1. dannibambi

    PTs and PTAs: Tell me about your caseload and setting

    I'm a new grad PT and I'm curious about caseloads in different settings because I'm finding that my clinical rotation caseloads (particularly, number of evals per day) are not typical. PTAs: How many follow-up patients do you see in a typical 8-10 hour day and what setting do you work? PTs...
  2. B

    Genetic theft?!

    Deceptive conception alleged by dad's suit " In a lawsuit reinstated this week by the Illinois Appellate Court, Dr. Richard Phillips says his former girlfriend, Dr. Sharon Irons, secretly collected sperm from him, then inseminated herself. " I was in middle school when this happened. Being...
  3. Kobethegoat24

    Hospice volunteer

    So I am volunteering at a hospice care tomorrow and wanted to know what to expect. If anyone has volunteered at hospice before and you dont mind sharing your experiences? Thank you
  4. MedSmithie

    What resources do you wish existed? (for LGBT medical students and professionals and for patients)

    Hi Everyone, I'm curious to know if there are resources that you wish existed for LGBT+ pre-meds or med students, for LGBT+ medical professionals, or for LGBT+ patients. Do you wish that you had more comprehensive LGBT+-health-related training in medical school? Do you wish that you had more...
  5. J

    Psych Patient Question

    For practicing psychiatrists in private outpatient practice- what proportion of your patients are stable enough to be enjoyable to work with on some level? Also, how often do you feel unsafe in your one- on -one sessions? I've heard that physical attacks on mental health providers are relatively...
  6. J

    E cigarettes as a cessation method?

    Hello everyone, I am working on a research project on e-cigarrettes. I have combed through scholarly journals already, I am interested in YOUR (the practitioner) thoughts. 1. Do you recommend e-cigarettes to patients as a smoking- or chewing-tobacco cessation tool? 2. Have patients asked...
  7. dannibambi

    Gait Belt Size/Type Advice - Mine's too small!

    Hi SDN! I'm in my last year of PT school and I currently have a 54" vinyl gait belt. On my first rotation, my belt was too small for some of my patients and I felt so bad because I didn't want them to feel uncomfortable/insecure while I grabbed a larger belt from my CI. Hence my question: I'm...
  8. P

    Pt Advocacy

    Advocacy and patient care focused on the needs of our elderly community is largely underrepresented in current health education. In partnership with our IFH individual, we have organized several tips directed to each IFH health profession in providing patient centered care to our elderly...
  9. wanderlustpt

    Outpatient Productivity

    Hi everyone, I am curious to learn how productivity standards are measured across the country and across different outpatient settings. I'm wondering a few things: 1. How many patients are you expected to treat per week (or, how else is your productivity defined)? 2. How many patients do you...