pattern folding

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    DAT in less than a month, just took my first full length on DATBooster

    So my DAT is in less than 4 weeks and I just took my first full length test on DATBooster. I was using DATBootcamp towards the beginning of my studies, but it expired and I decided to try out DATBooster. I'm honestly feeling defeated after my FL, as my scores really haven't improved in the last...
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    PAT Help

    Hi guys! I cant seem to wrap my head around: Angle ranking Pattern Folding TFE I took 2 tests and my timing was perfect, but I simply am hit or miss with angle ranking, I'll either get 12-13/15 or 6/15 and lately its been on the lower end of the spectrum. For TFE, my hardest thing to...
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    Any Tips on figuring out pattern folding?

    I have gotten pretty good at angles, cube counting, and hole punching. I've been practicing using BC, however TFE and pattern folding have been tough, and I can't figure them out especially pattern folding. Any tips would be great.
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    DAT PAT sections VS Bootcamp

    Hey guys, I have my DAT in about 4 weeks and I have a question from people who have recently completed the DAT. For the PAT section, I have been primarily using Bootcamp, as I have heard it is the most "representative" software. In your opinion, how do individual sections on Bootcamp compare...