pcat prep

  1. S

    Where to start?

    Hi, I was hoping if I could take PCAT in the summer, but I haven't started studying yet. I do really great with math, so I am not really worried about it. But, I completely forgot everything I learned from chemistry classes (gen chems, orgo 1 and 2) although I ended up with good grades. I only...
  2. PCATPrepClass

    Dr. Collins 2018

    Use code "DEAL25" to save $25 on the Dr. Collins' 2018 PCAT Prep Self Study at www.pcatprepclass.com With the Self-Study you will receive the same material that is provided to the students in the live class including: our Study Guides, Practice Exams, and Essay Topics. Self-Study students will...
  3. P


    Hello, I will have about 2 weeks to prepare for the PCAT in January and I'm planning to study for 6 hours a day. Is it enough time to study the bio and chemistry section using dr.collins study package? I took the exam before and I only want to study the biology and chemistry portion to improve...
  4. MikeS95

    Advice for PCAT Math section

    Hi guys, just wanted to ask what you guys would recommend i do to prepare for the math section of the exam. I have limited knowledge of pre calc/ calc because i took the classes 3-4 years ago and most of what i learned slipped my mind already. What is the best way to make sure to ace this...
  5. L

    For Sale Dr. Collins PCAT 2016 and Pearson tests

    Hello, I got accepted to my top choice university *yeah* so now I am selling my Dr. Collins 2016 and with all the study guides, solutions and updates for Fall 2015, July 2015 and January 2016. I've kept them very careful with no notes or highlights at all. I also have a CD of Pearson 2015...
  6. S

    For Sale Dr Collins PCAT Study Material July 2016-2017 With Latest Updates

    Material Original Dr Collins July 2016-2017 material for sale. The material includes latest July updates as well. Brand New Never Used. No markings of any sort, Cost $250 (including shipping). Contact Email: [email protected] or text 919-351-8098
  7. R

    PCAT Chem & Bio- Dr. Collins

    Hi all, I have previously used Dr. Collins for chemistry and biology. Does everyone feel that Dr. Collins is a sufficient study guide for all aspects of chemistry on the PCAT? I previously went through ALL practice tests which was a ton of problems and all packets of chemistry... however, I...
  8. E

    Dr. Collin's PCAT 2016 for sale

    Hello, I am currently selling the Dr. Collin's PCAT prep packets (July 2016 version) for those who are interested. Great condition- Contains all material and has absolutely NO writing/highlighting. Email me at [email protected], if interested.
  9. C

    Kaplan PCAT Test Materials - LIKE NEW

    I purchased the full set from Kaplan for over $1000, only asking $300 now or best offer really, no need for it and just really want someone to be able to use it! Includes the unopened noteboard booklet and dry erase marker that will be used during the real PCAT, PCAT lesson book, PCAT review...
  10. S

    Selling Dr. Collins PCAT 2015

    I'm selling my Dr. Collins 2015 complete set, willing to negotiate the price! Get it in time for July exam, pm me if interested~ *Also, have an older (2011) version of the exam, which helped me to gain some extra practice. (selling the older set for $60)