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    For Sale PCAT materials for sale (Dr. Collins, Kaplan, Barron's)

    Hey everyone! I recently took the PCAT and am interested in selling some of the materials I used to receive a competitive score and help me get into a top 15 program. I paid over $500 for all of these materials and am willing to sell at a competitive price. All are in excellent condition! Let me...
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    PCAT best study materials?

    Hello, I wanted to know what the best study materials are for the pcat? I heard about dr. collins, perarson and kaplan. I was going to buy dr. collins but my friend took her september pcat for 2017 and she said it really didn't help her as much as people said. I have heard this from other...
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    I am selling Dr Collins 2016 w/ 2017 Update & the 3 2017 Pearson Practice Tests along with the Kaplan 2016-2017 PCAT book. Excellent condition with NO writing or markings on any of the study guides or practice questions! Includes all 7 original labeled packets for Dr Collins set in a book...
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    Pearson Practice Exam #7

    Does anyone know which Pearson practice exam best reflects the difficulty of the PCAT? I did pretty well on #5 and #6, but noticed that #7 was much more difficult. Does the actual PCAT lean more towards #5 and #6 or #7?
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    Pearson practice exams vs PCAT

    I am scheduled to take the PCAT for the first time this Friday. I have been religiously doing the study guides/practice exams from Dr. Collins for the past two-three weeks and have been doing pretty well on those. I purchased the Pearson exams and took exam #4 a couple days ago and scored within...
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    80th+ percentile PCAT advice?

    Hey guys! I'm scheduled to take the PCAT on September 8. I've already purchased Kaplan, Barron's, and Dr. Collins materials. My goal is to make at least ~80th percentile in order to maintain a competitive application. I was wondering if you all had any advice on what/how to study, especially in...
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    PCAT - Most true to test options?

    I'm taking the PCAT wednesday and I've been prepping with Dr. Collins for a few months. But I took a couple of Pearson practice tests this weekend as a change of pace and to get a different perspective. One thing I noticed is the Pearson tests were WAY harder than Dr. Collins. Especially the...
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    Accuracy of Pearson PCAT Practice Tests?

    I bought and took all three of Pearson exams along with taking all 5 of the Kaplan practice exams in the course. On the Kaplan practice exams, on average I didn't do so hot. After reading a couple of threads, it seems like Kaplan's practice tests are harder than the actual. However, I did pretty...
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    Kaplan 2016-17 + Pearson Practice Test

    Selling my Kaplan PCAT book... super helpful, and in good condition. I also have the Pearson practice exams. $30 each, or both for $50. [email protected]
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    Pearson Study guide

    Has anyone used the Pearson study guide for recent PCAT's if so is it any good? considering using it.
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    PCAT in Jan

    I'll be taking my PCAT in Jan. This will be my very first time. I've mostly been studying for the Quant. reasoning section because i was told and have read that precal and calc topics are crucial for that section even thought my kaplan book as well as the pearson site stated that half of it was...
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    For Sale Selling Dr. Collins PCAT 2016 and Pearson tests

    Hello, I am selling the newest version of Dr. Collins 2016 and with all the study guides and updates for Fall 2015, July 2015 and January 2016. I just bought it but I change my test day into next year so I am willing to sell the material. They are like new with no highlight and note at all. It...
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    Does anyone regret applying early decision?

    Just curious if it didn't work out/is something I shouldnt do??
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    Spearman VS Pearson, test choosing and interpreting) (Statistics & SPSS)

    Hello, I need to fix the problem choosing and interpreting the correct statistical test for my data. I have data from (a) Minnesota Job Satisfaction Questionnaire short form (20 questions, answers from 1 (=very dissatisfied) to 5 (=very satisfied)) and (b) from Social Readjustment Rating...
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    Pearson Practice Test Question

    Hello everyone, I have been browsing this forum for a little while now and I have a question I could not find an answer to. I am currently studying for the PCAT and wanted to take a practice test but section by section. If I were to purchase the Pearson PCAT practice tests, do they allow me to...
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    October Pcat!! 2015 Prelim

    Hello:whistle: I take the test on Friday. I think the October test week has already begun :sneaky:. I used the Dr. Collins and the Pearson Practice tests, my first two practice scores range on 80-99 and 75-95, respectively. I am gonna do the last one tomorrow. Let us know how was your...