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    US Citizen hoping to Study Medicine in Australia

    I currently I am in a place where I just need better connections and better information in order to make the best possible decision on pursuing a Medical Degree. Recently I had the opportunity to spend some time in Australia, and I absolutely fell in love with the land down under. I really want...
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    Post-Bac IRTA State of Residency in Med School Admissions

    Hi everyone, For those of you that have experience with the NIH Post-Bac IRTA position and living in DC... I found a place in DC but it seems the DMV is really strict about registering your vehicle in DC and getting a DC license to park there, since the streets are zoned. Once I do all of...
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    Transferring from Canadian University to Resident State School

    Is it worth transferring after my freshmen year at a Canadian University to my US permanent resident state school? Currently on my second semester. My Canadian GPA is ~3.7 and average percentage is 83% Apparently AMCAS converts my percentage grade of 80-86 range to A- which is equivalent to a...