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Oct 21, 2016
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I currently I am in a place where I just need better connections and better information in order to make the best possible decision on pursuing a Medical Degree. Recently I had the opportunity to spend some time in Australia, and I absolutely fell in love with the land down under. I really want to do my best to have the opportunity to actually move there. Considering all manner of things, I believe becoming a Doctor is the best opportunity to do practically and functionally do that. Additionally, I think I could do that job very well, for myself and my family.

I want to understand all of the options that go with that because ideas are great, but that has to be followed with a full proof plan. So, here are the questions.

Is it better to apply to study medicine in Australia, in an undergraduate manner, or as a Graduate degree?

How can I get residency (fellowships) as a Graduate of Medicine, after graduation, in order to remain in Aussie to acquire PR?

What are the stipulations that apply to me as an international student who studies medicine there? I keep reading about a ten year moratorium. Not really certain what that means?

Also, for US Students, and citizens, who have already done this. How do I secure financial loans in order to cover my education if and when I do get accepted into an Australian Medical School?

What is the application process like to Australian Medical Schools?

I am likely going to have some more questions as time goes on. But I need this information as soon as I can get it. I have some decisions to make. Thank you in advance!

Very Respectfully,
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