personal letter

  1. aiali

    Wrote my personal statement - feeling strong - anyone willing to read?

    I just pumped out my personal statement and I feel pretty good about it. Would love feedback! Let me know if you're willing to read!
  2. shellsterpie

    Personal Statement Advice

    Hello! I am in the midst of writing my personal statement for the upcoming cycle. I have gotten various advice from different people regarding how to go about in writing it. Some told me to be creative and unique, without listing out all your accomplishments since that is what the other parts...
  3. B

    Personal Letter Help!

    Hello everyone. I am currently preparing to apply to dental school this upcoming June and have some worries about my personal letter. I'm afraid of making it too "cheesy." If anyone could help by showing me example personal letters, or give me any tips on what to do, I would greatly appreciate...
  4. mikeolik

    Personal Statement - should I include this?

    Hello everyone, I am currently writing my personal letter and would like to know if you guys think these accomplishments are worthy of being present in my application (these are broad topics and they would of course be elaborated on): - Started a business in college with $500.00...