personal statements

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    Personal Statement Peer Review

    Hey guys, I've noticed a lot of people are having questions on their personal statement. I was hoping to start a peer review thread so people like myself, who go to schools where no one knows what podiatry is, have a nice personal statement to submit as well as those who just need another...
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    Is a modified Personal Statement okay?

    I got positive feedback on my last personal statement, and the experience is one that I think truly played a very large role in my pursuit of medicine, beyond anything new I have done in my gap year. Instead of scrapping the whole thing and rewriting a new (potentially weaker) one, could I...
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    Personal Statement Review Services

    I am offering help with personal statements for a really cheap price ($25/essay). My writing has gotten me into medical school and also to a number of top MPH programs in the U.S. PM me if interested, and we can set something up!