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  1. bird.nerd

    2026 Personal Statement Readers!

    I figured I would copy and paste this from last year because this really helped me last year when perfecting my essays as a second time applicant! :) Since VMCAS opened back in January for this current cycle, that means there's much more time available for applicants to have their essays...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical 6 Tips for Getting Started on Your Application Essays

    Once you BEGIN writing, your brain will begin to generate ideas that will inspire you to CONTINUE writing. Sometimes the hardest part of writing a personal statement or application essay for college or grad school is finding the discipline to sit down and focus. Often, once you accomplish that...
  3. O

    Personal Statement Peer Review

    Hey guys, I've noticed a lot of people are having questions on their personal statement. I was hoping to start a peer review thread so people like myself, who go to schools where no one knows what podiatry is, have a nice personal statement to submit as well as those who just need another...
  4. LindaAccepted

    Medical 4 Must-Haves in Residency Personal Statements

    Show them you've got what it takes to be a valuable addition to a medical team. To get into medical school, you explained why you wanted to be a physician. Now that you're an M.D./D.O., you need to show them you've got what it takes to be a valuable addition to a medical team. To that end, your...
  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical Why Do We Have Personal Statements?

    Your AMCAS essay will provide a window into who you are… Do the essays in your med school applications serve as mere padding for the rest of your application? Or do they have some higher purpose? I’d like to propose three important reasons WHY the med schools request essays in addition to the...
  6. H

    Is a modified Personal Statement okay?

    I got positive feedback on my last personal statement, and the experience is one that I think truly played a very large role in my pursuit of medicine, beyond anything new I have done in my gap year. Instead of scrapping the whole thing and rewriting a new (potentially weaker) one, could I...
  7. LindaAccepted

    Medical 5 Tips for the AACOMAS Personal Statement

    Now is the time to speak your voice - the adcom is listening! Looking for the best osteopathic med school admissions advice out there? Ace those AACOMAS apps by reading our osteopathic application 5 tips series – each post, another set of 5 expert tips that will help you get ACCEPTED. The...
  8. LindaAccepted

    Medical What Not to Do in a Personal Statement

    Stop! Don't make these mistakes! The personal statement is the only place in the AMCAS, ACCOMAS and TMDSAS primary applications where you get to present yourself directly to the admissions committee. Here, you can persuade them to give you an interview or unknowingly reveal red flags that...
  9. LindaAccepted

    Medical 5 Elements to Telling an Attention-Grabbing Story

    How do you tell a good story? Ready to write your personal statement? Then it's time to conjure your inner storyteller. The best way to distinguish yourself from other applicants is to tell the admissions board a good story, a tale of your greatest achievements, dreams, and challenges. How do...
  10. M

    Personal Statement Review Services

    I am offering help with personal statements for a really cheap price ($25/essay). My writing has gotten me into medical school and also to a number of top MPH programs in the U.S. PM me if interested, and we can set something up!