pharmacy licensure and exams

  1. smokedsalmon75

    BCPS Spring 2019

    Just took the BCPS today. Honestly I don't feel like I've studied a lot, only been casually reading the ACCP prep stuffs for 3 months. Overall I thought that clinical portion was not bad; I did a PGY-1 last year, and I'm currently working at a hospital, so things kinda made sense to me. I...
  2. H

    MPJE Study Resources

    Hey everyone. Has anyone here used the tl;dr mpje cheat sheet? (I can't post the link because I haven't made enough posts) It's cheap compared to all the other study material out there and I was wondering if anyone used it and did well. Would this be enough or should I shell out money on some...
  3. G

    SDN calculations NAPLEX

    Hi everyone, I am practicing the very popular 120 SDN calculations, some of the answers/solutions provided seem not to be accurate to me. I was wondering if other students out there wanna discus or even post their own solutions. Any feedback is welcome! Problem 12: How many ml of the Dextrose...
  4. C

    2017 PSAPS

    I am currently working through the new Pulmonary/EM 2017 PSAPS. I have completed the COPD and am now working on the CF module. Please DM me if you are currently also working on these modules.
  5. Vally125


    Im struggling to pass my PTCB. I have failed it twice. It means a lot to me to pass but I dont know what im doing wrong. Im good at the math. I always come so close. What book would you advise me to use? I want to try it one more time.