pharmacy licensure and exams

  1. NoMoneyNoHoney

    BCPS Spring 2019

    Just took the BCPS today. Honestly I don't feel like I've studied a lot, only been casually reading the ACCP prep stuffs for 3 months. Overall I thought that clinical portion was not bad; I did a PGY-1 last year, and I'm currently working at a hospital, so things kinda made sense to me. I...
  2. H

    MPJE Study Resources

    Hey everyone. Has anyone here used the tl;dr mpje cheat sheet? (I can't post the link because I haven't made enough posts) It's cheap compared to all the other study material out there and I was wondering if anyone used it and did well. Would this be enough or should I shell out money on some...
  3. G

    SDN calculations NAPLEX

    Hi everyone, I am practicing the very popular 120 SDN calculations, some of the answers/solutions provided seem not to be accurate to me. I was wondering if other students out there wanna discus or even post their own solutions. Any feedback is welcome! Problem 12: How many ml of the Dextrose...
  4. C

    2017 PSAPS

    I am currently working through the new Pulmonary/EM 2017 PSAPS. I have completed the COPD and am now working on the CF module. Please DM me if you are currently also working on these modules.
  5. V


    Im struggling to pass my PTCB. I have failed it twice. It means a lot to me to pass but I dont know what im doing wrong. Im good at the math. I always come so close. What book would you advise me to use? I want to try it one more time.