pharmacy school help

  1. P

    Need some advice on my current situation!

    Hello! So I just got an acceptance letter from a pharmacy school (let’s call it school A). The letter states that I need to pay my deposit by Nov 29th or I can ask to be waitlisted if I don’t want to make a decision yet. So school A is actually my second choice and I’m awaiting an interview for...
  2. R

    Chances of getting into pharmacy school in California?

    Hi all! This is my first time posting on the forum. I have read many similar posts so it made me really nervous/curious about my own stats. I am currently applying to pharmacy schools, and I live in California so I really want to be accepted to schools here in California. However, I'm scared...
  3. S

    Help!! Skipping the first day of class

    I would really like some advice on this! I am an incoming P1 student and I am considering skipping the first day of class. I have this huge family reunion I planned to go to and would have to miss the first day of class. I already booked the tickets and everything and emailed one of the peer...
  4. I

    pharmacy school chances, any opinions would help

    Hi guys, I am currently a rising junior at Centre College in KY (#1 college in KY and #40 liberal arts college in the nation), and am really interested in pursuing a career in clinical pharmacy. My stats are as follows: major/minor: French, Biology languages: English,Spanish, proficient French...
  5. S

    Appalachian College of Pharmacy vs. University of Iowa College of Pharmacy. Which is Better?

    Appalachian College of Pharmacy VS University of Iowa, School of Pharmacy :):shrug: Help! I am not sure which school to pick. I have given a seat deposit for both schools, but still don't know which one to officially pick. I will be moving from Los Angeles, CA. ACP is a good school and is only...
  6. Y

    Majors/Careers similar to Pharmacy?

    I had my sights on becoming a pharmacist. I'm in my 3rd year of a 6 year pharmacy program. Unfortunately last semester I failed a class that was a prerequisite for 3 other classes so I have to take them this summer. I've never failed a class before but the thing is I knew this would happen...
  7. S

    Which Pharmacy school to pick?

    Hello everyone, This my first time using this forum. I got accepted into USC and Washington State University. I am waiting to hear back from 2 more schools. I know that USC has a really good ranking, reputation, research foundation, and strong alumni work. But the tuition is extremely high...
  8. jstar809

    Pharmacy waitlist and improving chances!

    Hey guys, I'm currently on the waitlist for 2 pharmacy schools in the top 10. I'm sort of assuming as of right now that I won't make the cut and will have to reapply. My question for you guys is, what ways can I improve for next year? Its better for me to assume now then to wait till August and...