1. A

    PA going back for PhD?

    Hey everyone, first time on this, but I really need to reach out to see if there has ever been another person in my shoes here. I am a PA (pathologists' assistant)- many parallels to a physicians' assistant- I have a master's, national certification and state license as a pathologists'...
  2. S

    For those of you who have worked for PhysAssist...

    I was reading Glassdoor reviews of PhysAssist since I just recently started their online training. Someone said they were offered one acceptable amount of compensation, and then when it came time to start getting paid it was actually much less. I don't have my offer in writing, and I was happy...
  3. C

    ER Scribe adbice

    I am at the end of my training but I feel so unprepared so I was wondering if someone could give me advice. I'm having trouble with the speed. My trainers keep telling me to finish most of the chart before leaving the pt's room but I don't even get past the HPI. For the HPI, I tend to miss...
  4. Tmarkdc

    Career decisions

    I am currently perusing my undergraduate degree in exercise science. I have a 3.4, I hope to end this semester with a 3.7 GPA. I am debating between a D.O, PA or DPT. The issue is, the sciences like Chem and physics are my weakest subjects. I was never exposed to them in high school. But I...
  5. M

    Pros and Cons of entering Med School (MD) vs DO, Dental School and PA?

    Hello SDN! I'm currently a first-semester freshman, and majoring in health sciences. I wasn't really sure where to put this topic, so I figured this might be a good place. I've been looking up different ways to apply my major in some form post-bachelor's education, and 4 different pathways...
  6. T

    PhysAssist Scribing

    I'm not sure if I will have time to scribe with PhysAssist this coming year. I'm also volunteering with a hospice program, attending premed honors society meetings, assistant directing an a cappella group, and helping lead worship at my church. Does anyone who has experience scribing with this...
  7. T

    Physassist Hold Application

    My application status for a scribe position at physassist after 2 days says Hold application. I'm assuming that means that I have not been accepted, but is there any hope?
  8. Thomas D

    PhysAssist ScribeU

    After interviewing with PhysAssist, I got offered a scribe position. I start the online portion of the training, "ScribeU", next Friday. I was wondering if anyone who has gone through the online training with this company (or others) could share their thoughts on it? Also, what would help me...