physical medicine

  1. A

    Position Wanted Looking for PGY-2 for PM&R

    Hey currently finishing up my intern year in General Surgery. Does anyone know any vacancy in any programs?
  2. B

    Beaumont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Taylor Program (Michigan)

    Hi! I am one of the PM&R residents at Beaumont Hospital in Taylor, Michigan and I am writing this on behalf of my program. I want to let those interested in PM&R know that our program is "new" as it recently transitioned from Wayne State University to Beaumont Health. The program originally...
  3. B

    Position Wanted Looking for unfilled positions, residency or fellowships in internal medicine

    Hello, -I,m looking for any opening, unfilled position in Internal Medicine Residency or fellowship Program. -I,m an ECFMG Certified IMG. Done with Step1,2 & CS, all first attempts, 233, 215 and pass, -US Clinical Experience including hands on externships -US research Experience (more than...
  4. M

    Do employers pay off student loans?

    Hello, I am an OMS4 going into physical medicine and rehabilitation. I am trying to make a loan pay off plan and wondered if hospitals or private practices ever pay off student debt as a signing bonus and if so, how much they usually offer. Any insight on this is much appreciated.
  5. S

    New Residency Program- Mary Free Bed

    Hello! I wondered if anyone could share thoughts on a few things. 1- Advantages/disadvantages to attending a new program?? Will this restrict fellowship or job opportunities? Will this hinder learning? 2- Mary Free Bed in Grand Rapids, MI is starting a PGY2 PM&R program and taking their...
  6. M

    What is Physicsl Medicine and Rehabilitation (Physiatry) actually like?

    I've been researching Physical Medicine and Rehabilition (Physiatry) a lot lately and I think that it would be a great speciality to go into as an Osteopathic Physician (considering the in-depth study of the musculoskeletal system). It seems hard to find information about this specialty online...
  7. cjfarrell21

    Incoming DO Student with interest in PM&R...

    I'm going to be a first year DO student this coming Fall and I need some advice. I've developed a great interest in PM&R after watching my father's care with his physiatrist, talking to a physician about his practice, and reading about the team oriented nature and practice of PM&R. Obviously...