1. EquusObsessed

    Mobile/Traveling Equine Practice and Physiotherapy- Does this exist?

    So I was just sort of curious if anyone knows of an equine vet who does this, and if it's even a viable option. Would being a "traveling" equine vet (as in covering multiple states and not really having a "home base" practice) be possible with licensing/client relationships? I plan to go into...
  2. D

    Anyone going to PT school at Glasgow Caledonian University or in the UK?

    I'm looking for any students who go or is going to a Physiotherapy school in either GCU (in Scotland) or anywhere in the UK! I'm going to school in the UK for PT in January of 2019 and I wanted to build connections and just talk about future plans after. :)
  3. L

    Where to Promote a Survey

    I am currently doing my bachelor's thesis on infant asymmetry in physiotherapy with a survey. I have been trying to post it to different facebook groups and I don't really understand how Twitter works. Currently I have 1 valid response and 5 responses in total. I think one of the major issues is...
  4. L

    Canadian applicant- apply or masters?

    Bio: Canadian Major: Biology, finished this year! AMCAS cGPA: 3.99 sGPA: 3.98 MCAT: 515- 129/126(sigh)/130/130 Research: 600+ in a biochem lab 1st-2nd year, 1500+ in a human physiology/clinical research lab (both labs had volunteer hours and research award components. Have a publication with...
  5. M

    Australia to US Physio/Physical Therapy

    Hi guys, I am writing in regards to my fiancé. He is in his second year of studying for a Bachelors in Clinical Exercise Physiology in Australia, and has been offered a place in the accelerated Bachelor of Physiotherapy program at Griffith University. Our plan is to move to the U.S. once he...
  6. L

    Dentistry or physical therapy?

    Hi, I'm an italian student in the last year of high school, my dream is to live in Canada or USA and I enjoy health care jobs , I have to choose in few days but I can't decide between dentistry (5 years) and physical therapy (4 years) degree.. I'm not so rich to open a private practise , so I...
  7. P

    RGU is now a DPT?

    I've been planning on applying to RGU in Scotland (which is CAPTE accredited). Previously they've been offering a MSc in physiotherapy. However, I just saw on their website that they now offer a DPT. This appears to be a masters degree followed by a 16 month thesis. I've never seen a DPT like...
  8. KisinnMikki

    Can anyone help me? I don't know what field to choose!

    Hey guys, So, I've been extremely indecisive the past couple of months about what I want to study. I know for sure that I want to study something in the health field, there's no question about it. I have already finished one and a half year studying psychology, but then I realised that it...
  9. T


    Dear all What are the prospects of a job/permanent residency following a physiotherapy degree as an international student in Australia? Has anyone on here done that/know anyone who has successfully completed a bachelors/masters as an international student and then gained permanent residency...