May 2, 2017
Hi guys,

I am writing in regards to my fiancé.

He is in his second year of studying for a Bachelors in Clinical Exercise Physiology in Australia, and has been offered a place in the accelerated Bachelor of Physiotherapy program at Griffith University.

Our plan is to move to the U.S. once he graduates so he can work as a Physical Therapist there. (Or as a physiotherapist if that's possible?)

The Bachelor is obviously highly commended over here, but while the US requires a DPT we understand that if he were to pursue this, he'd still need to take many classes for licensure in the US.

We are at a crossroads where he can opt to transfer into the accelerated 4 year program: Bachelor of Physiotherapy. OR- he could transfer to a US undergrad program and continue path to DPT from there. Otherwise, he can continue on his current path: 4 year Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Australia) and apply for Graduate programs in the U.S. from there.

Obviously, the first option requires less time and less money, and we are trying our best to find the most efficient and direct route to him becoming a Physical Therapist in the U.S.

We would love advice from someone who's been in this situation or done the transition Fromm Aus to US. I've been told by some licensure authorities that it's easier just to start in the US - but since he's two years in already we want to make sure those classes/grades aren't wasted!

i know this is a specific situation so if anyone's been there advice would be much appreciated!

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