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  1. latinclubimperatus

    Experience with pathoma?

    Anyone here who has actually taken their step 1 have any experience with Picmonic? Can't find much info on it, the few people who have commented on it mostly say sketchy is better (which I have access to) but picmonic is really working for me for whatever reason. I watch a video once and...
  2. K

    Picmonics/SketchyMed for dental school?

    Hi everyone, I've heard of a few learning resources that med students found really helpful, like Sketchymicro/Sketchymed and Picmonic. I'm a very visual learner so those programs would likely be very helpful for me. Has anyone found these programs helpful for a dental school curriculum...
  3. RockDoc28

    How many Picmonics could you remember?

    Hey, I've been using Picmonic to get though my classes (especially bugs and drugs) and think it's awesome. But now as I study for step 1 I'm worried that I'm not going to be able to remember the hundreds and hundreds of Picmonics I need to on test day. Did anyone who used Picmonic for step 1...