1. G

    Multiple ear piercings in pharmacy school?

    Hello guys, I was wondering whether it's "off-putting" to get multiple earlobe piercings (3) and a cartilage piercing to get into pharmacy school? I have one earlobe piercing right now but I'm thinking of getting more ear piercings but I want to make sure it's not deemed as unprofessional or if...
  2. drdarling16

    daith piercing with stethoscope?

    Hi everyone, I know this has been covered a bit in other threads, maybe I'm not the greatest at searching this forum though. I have been very conservative throughout med school, and for some reason, as I'm about to start residency, I'm feeling like I want to get a daith piercing. I feel like...
  3. M

    Tattoos, piercings, and hair dye in medical school

    I am currently a psych/pre-med sophomore undergrad. I am aware that body modification is not something medical professionals recommend, however it is too late to not be concerned. I have stretched my ears to no larger than a 0g, have two small tattoos and two large--only one is visible on my...
  4. kycocobug

    ear piercings

    I have a working interview at a vet clinic this upcoming week an I am SO excited. I will be hired as a vet assistant, and occasionally help at the front desk. To my first interview I wore my hair down, and I'm sure my long hair covered up the three piercings I have in each ear. To this next...