please help!! panicking

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  1. 4

    Really need advice please help

    Hi so i'm a freshman and this is my first semester and I'm pretty sure I am going to fail Calc. The final was SO bad. And on top of that I may potentially end up with 2 C's. Are my chances of DO school significantly altered or ruined? Is Calculus even a requirement for DO school?
  2. jpaulmakeyafall

    Is this a bad start? Please help. Need advice!

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice. I knew I wanted to be a physician for a while, and I go to the 4th best community college in the country and they still have terrible health advisors that never told me how important A's and GPA were to getting into med school. Ive done some research and...
  3. IndianLake

    Re-applicant Here!!

    So today I found out that I won't be getting into the two schools I was waitlisted at. I was talking to one of the advisors at the state school to see what I need to improve on to apply again this cycle. She said things like GPA, some extracurricular activities, etc. But when I asked about my...
  4. D

    What are my chances of being accepted?

    Hey everyone I'm new to this thread but Ive been doing a lot of research as I am starting to panic about my application I will be submitting here in about a month. Everything I look up has be so psyched out about my chances. I know GPA isnt everything and a lot goes into deciding if a student is...