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Sep 23, 2015
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Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice. I knew I wanted to be a physician for a while, and I go to the 4th best community college in the country and they still have terrible health advisors that never told me how important A's and GPA were to getting into med school. Ive done some research and it's really freaking me out at this point where I feel as if my 3.41 GPA is too hard to come up from. I had some scheduling problems my freshman year and (stupidly) whose to W from Chem 1 to be able to fit in my practice time for lacrosse. Genetics was just way too much for me to handle at that point, and I didn't get along with the teacher that well. At the end of the year the class went from 25 people to 6. People that come from state schools always say my CC has way harder science classes than any they took. Our science department is filled with PhD's that strive to fulfill their egos and make every class very challenging.

Currently I work 25 hours a week paying for my school, play for one of the best CC lacrosse teams in the country (which is a big time commitment), and have 30 hospital volunteer hours.

GPA- 3.41
sGPA- 3.0

English 1 - A
Communications 1- B
Pre-Calc - B
Chem 1 - W
Health and Fitness-A

Biology 1-B
Computer and applications-A
Psychology 1- A
Sociology 1-A

Genetics- W
English 2- A
Calc- C (79%)
Chem 1- B (88%)
Interpersonal Com. -B (89%)

Now I'm taking...
Chem 2
Calc 2

I will be attending a very good Pre-med college, St Mary's College of Maryland, to play lacrosse in the fall.

My question is would my grades be looked at with more sympathy since I'm an athlete and work to pay for my school? Are there any people that had the same GPA ending their fall semester of sophomore year and made it into med school? Would be taking EMT-B certification classes in the summer improve my chances?Just lookin for some advice and/or success stories. Thanks!

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